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GWN Equipment Fund

We are looking to raise some funds to buy more equipment for use in the gym by all the gymnasts who attend Gymnastics With Nikki. All the gymnasts will benefit from having some additional apparatus to use while training and this should aid their development, helping them attain skills quicker, making their progress faster towards achieving their goals.

We are an organisation with around 200 gymnasts who attend classes running at a local church and school in East Kilbride. The gymnasts at Gymnastics With Nikki just want to enjoy the fun aspect of taking part in a gymnastics class, making some friends along the way, keeping fit, and having the chance to master skills at their own pace.

We will teach anyone who wants to learn gymnastics and are not discriminant on ability or flexibility. The main focus is on learning and improving as individuals, achieving our own individual goals which once achieved feeling that satisfaction of success, no matter how big or small.

Your donation will help us to purchase equipment and aid our gymnasts to progress for success and accomplishment and we thank you for your very kind donation.



Mini Apparatus Bar Package
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Goal: £1420.00 | Raised: £703.00 Started: June 15, 2016
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Including everything we need for a set of


High Bar

Parallel Bars

is this Mini Apparatus Bar Package.

Along with a folding mat.

Looks great!!

Please help our fundraising goal!

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