Gymnastics With Nikki


How can I pay my fees?

  • Weekly fees can be paid by cash at the class on the due date.


  • Block payment of fees is now payable through GOCARDLESS.

Invoices will be sent out 10 days prior to being due & requested 7 days prior.

Fees are always due on the 1st week of the 5 week block.

When are my fees due?

Fees are due on the 1st week of the 5 week block & your invoice will be sent out by email 10 days prior to being due. 

Could you please inform Nikki if you no longer want the space in the class so that it can be given to someone from the waiting list... Thanks!

Can I pay my fees weekly?

Yes you can pay fees weekly until your child settles in.

It will be a minimum of 2 weeks & a maximum of 5 weeks paying weekly until you are asked to pay your fees in a block of 5 weeks.  It depends where you start in the block.

If your child is off at this settling in period when you are paying fees weekly, you do not have to pay for the week missed.

After the settling in period you will have to pay your fees in a block of 5 weeks.  

You are now paying for keeping your child`s space in the class whether they attend or not. No refunds will be given.


When do I pay the Annual Membership?

The Annual Membership of £10.00 is payable with the 1st 5 week block payment of fees.  It will be renewed at that date annually within the block that the date falls.

Does Gymnastics With Nikki offer any family discounts?

Yes we do... The 3rd child in a family is FREE and this is the youngest child.  The 1st & 2nd child have to pay full fees.

When & how will I receive my invoice for fees?

Invoices are sent out by email 10 days before the fees are due & requested through GOCARDLESS 7 days prior.  Payments take 8 days to process. This gives you 1 week to cancel the space if it is no longer required.  The space will then be offered to someone from the waiting list.


Can I get a refund? I have paid fees & my child no longer wants to attend?

You can only get a refund if you have paid fees & its BEFORE the start date of the 5 week block.  You are only asked to commit to 5 weeks at a time so please make sure before paying fees that your child is happy to still be attending for another 5 weeks.

My child is under 5 years old, do you offer discounts for kids under 5 years?

I can no longer offer a discount for children under 5 years old unfortunately.

How can I login to see all my invoices & Receipts?

You will be sent a link through Gymnasticsbiz & Thinksmart Software where you can register & create login detalis & password to be able to see all your invoices, block payment receipts & now skill passes & progress.


How much are the badges?

The badges usually cost £3.00 

How do I know when my child has passed a badge?

You can keep track of your child's progress through the Gymbiz Thinksmart customer Portal.

I will also send you a printed update so that you know when badges have been completed.

Can I sew the badges on to my child`s leotard or GWN T-shirt?

Yes you can.

Please feel free to sew the badges onto leotards or T-shirts if you wish.  I think it shows the gymnast`s achievements very well if the badges are worn on their gym wear.

Most people sew the badges down the arms of the leotard or on the back of the GWN T-shirt  where  you think is fine by me.


I have paid for my badge. When will my child receive it?

It will be presented to the gymnast at the next class & if it is out of stock or on order you will be notified by email.


I have lost my badge. Can I purchase the badge only?

Yes you can.  To purchase the badge only costs £1.50.

I have lost my certificate. Can I purchase the certificate only?

Yes you can.  Certificates can be purchased for £1.50.

What are the methods of paying for badges?

The payment method is through SUMUP from the  clicking on the shop button or the GWN LOGO.


When should I get my child a leotard?

As soon as your child is settled in the class you can purchase a leotard if you wish.  Buying a leotard is not compulsory but I would suggest waiting until they have settled in well... There is no rush.

My child doesn`t want a leotard. Is it ok for them to wear shorts & T-shirt instead?

This is fine, I have no problem with this.  I want the gymnasts to feel comfortable at the class in what they are happy to wear but I would suggest something that is not restrictive eg jeans.

Where can I order a leotard?

You can order leotards from the shop & pay through SUMUP by clicking on the shop button or the GWN LOGO.

If the leotard is out of stock I will order it & it will be given to the gymnast at the class when it arrives.


I have a leotard I would like to sell on to someone else as it is still in good condition.

Can you help me do this?

Yes I can sell on the leotard for you if it is still in good condition usually for £10.

This is a great way of reducing the cost of purchasing a new leotard when your child needs a bigger size.  

It is also good if you have not long purchased a leotard and your child decides to leave.  Many parents are very appreciative to receive a second hand leotard especially if they have more than 1 child attending classes or if they are not sure if their child/children will stay.



GWN T-shirts

How much are the GWN T-shirts? How can I get one?

The GWN T-shirts cost £8.00 for all sizes & can be purchased at the shop through SUMUP by clicking the shop link or the GWN LOGO.

If your size is not in stock I will place an order for it & it will be given to the gymnast at the next class.

Joining GWN

How can my child join Gymnastics With Nikki?

You can click on the class you would like to enrol in & this will take you to the customer portal where you can input your details & your child's detalis to enrol in the class.

I will contact you back to confirm your space or if the class is full let you know that you have been added to the waiting list for that class.

What does my child need to bring with them for their 1st class?


  • Shorts & T-shirt or leggings or leotard.


  • Hair tied back, NO JEWELLERY OR SOCKS.


  • Water bottle & snack for those attending any of the 2 hour classes.