Grade 10

Grade 10.jpg

To gain the award, complete 8 of the floor skills below,  plus the Hand apparatus, Partner work and Sequence sections 

1. Handspring with light support
2. Straddle over box or soft vault with controlled landing onto landing mat
3. Handstand into forward roll
4. Squat through on box or soft vault
5. Free cartwheel
6. Drop back to bridge with control
7. Squat onto long box, cartwheel off with controlled landing
8. Roundoff
9. 1 and 1/2 (540 degree) twist on floor with controlled landing
10. Full twist jump from vault or shape with controlled landing

11. Hand Apparatus: Cartwheel, picking up beanbag during the skill
12. Partner Work: One partner kneeling, other partner stands just above knees, facing away   and counterbalance
13. Sequence: Stand with good posture, cartwheel, cartwheel 1/4 twist to both feet, full twist jump, arabesque, free forward roll to back lying, back support, to side support, to front support, jump to squat position, jump to forward toll to straddle sit, then legs  together, three tuck rolls to stand