Grade 3

Grade 3.jpg

Minimal assistance may be given if required (grades 1-3 only) 
To gain the award, complete 8 of the floor skills below,  plus 
the Hand apparatus, Partner work and Sequence sections 

1. Astride jumps x 5
2. Forward roll
3. Step over bean bag or small obstacles on bench, beam or line on floor
4. Walk backwards along a line, beam or bench
5. Hands and feet with tummy up (crab)
6. Front support
7. Jump on spot x 5 landing on both feet with controlled stop
8. Bunny hops travelling along the floor
9. Rock from heels to tip toes and back
10. Jump into and out of hoop

11. Hand Apparatus: Explore Bean Bags balancing on body
12. Partner Work: Throw and catch a ball with partner
13. Sequence: Stand with good posture, Star Jump x 2, Astride Jump x 2, Half Twist Jump with controlled landing, then into a squat position