Grade 5

Grade 5.jpg

To gain the award, complete 8 of the floor skills below,  plus the Hand apparatus, Partner work and Sequence sections 

1. Jump from one foot to two feet with controlled landing
2. Sit in straddle position with good posture
3. Quarter twist jump immediately followed by half twist jump
4. Backward roll with light support if needed
5. Roll from dish to arch position
6. Front support, jump to crouch, jump to stand
7. Front support and back support lower to floor under control
8. Keeping hands on floor, jumping on one leg then the other
9. Bunny hop side to side over bench
10. Side support, hold for 5 seconds

11. Hand Apparatus: Catch bean bag or similar while balancing on one leg
12. Partner Work: Teddy bear /  shoulder roll with partner
13. Sequence: Stand with good posture, forward roll to stand, to grapevine each way, half twist jump, to crouch position, knees down, one leg extension to side, then back to knees