Grade 8

Grade 8.jpg

To gain the award, complete 8 of the floor skills below,  plus the Hand apparatus, Partner work and Sequence sections 

1. Japana to flat
2. Cartwheel
3. Lunge sideways, stop, then lunge forwards under control
4. Backward roll to straddle stand
5. Headstand with straight legs. With support if necessary
6. Straddle sit onto vault or box lengthways
7. Shoulder stand
8. Handstand
9. Arabesque showing good posture and shape
10. Full twist jump with controlled landing

11. Hand Apparatus: Throw bean bag, small jump and catch
12. Partner Work: Leapfrog
13. Sequence: Stand with good posture, forward roll to stand, to grapevine each way, half twist jump, backward roll to knees, one leg extension to side, then back  to knees, into front support, to side support, to back support with control, lower to floor, to tuck position