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GWN Leotard

GWN Leotards are now available from Nikki.

Orders can be taken here at the website or paid for at the class.

Smaller sizes kept in stock, larger sizes ordered on demand.

Please also see the GWN Webstore for ordering leotards & GWN T-shirts.

Child Size GWN Leotards

GWN Leotard Age 4-6yrs - Size 0

GWN Leotard Age 7-8yrs - Size 1

GWN Leotard Age 9-10yrs - Size 2

GWN Leotard Age 9-10yrs - Size 3A

Adult Size GWN Leotards

Adult GWN Leotard Size 8-10

Adult GWN Leotard Size 10-12

Adult GWN Leotard Size 12-14

Adult GWN Leotard Size 14-16