Primer 1


Assistance may be given if required 
To gain the award, complete 8 of the Floor skills below,  
plus the Hand apparatus, Bench work and Warm up sections

1. Lying on back, show Tuck and Star shape
2. Bunny hop jump
3. Jump up high stretching upwards
4. Hopping on one leg then the other
5. Lie on back with legs tucked in towards tummy, and rock
6. Sideways roll on floor or down slope (Log roll)
7. Jump up and down x 5
8. Skipping around the room
9. Jump over a bean bag or small obstacle
10. Jogging on spot for 5 seconds

11. Hand Apparatus: Make patterns with scarves or ribbons whilst lying, sitting or standing
12. Bench Work: Slide along bench, either sitting or lying on back, with support if 
13. Warm Ups: Join in a warm up involving the parachute