Primer 3


Assistance may be given if required 
To gain the award, complete 8 of the Floor skills below,  
plus the Hand apparatus, Bench work and Warm up sections

1. Lying on front, pull to slide up a sloped bench
2. Throw a ball, let it bounce and then catch it
3. Balance on one foot for 10 seconds
4. Sideways roll on floor (log roll) keeping body straight
5. Forward roll on floor or slope
6. Show Dish and Arch position
7. Squat shape landing on knees on a vault or soft shape with support
8. Throw bean bag at a target
9. Hold onto bar and swing forwards and backwards
10. Hold onto bar in tuck position for 3 seconds

11. Hand Apparatus: Throw ball to a partner
12. Bench Work: Jump from bench with controlled landing
13. Warm Ups: Join in action songs with hand apparatus